Support for patients with pathologies in the following areas:

Orthopaedics  (Musculoskeletal disorders: bones, joints, tendons, muscles, ligaments)

Traumatology  (Accidents)

Sports medicine  (Rehabilitation after sports injuries)

Rheumatology  (Treating problems affecting movement, including bones, articulations, tendons,

ligaments and nerves)

Urogynecology  (Women's problems with incontinence and digestion, including chronic constipation)

Pediatrics  (Baby and child care, except for respiratory and neurological treatments)

Lymphology  (Post-traumatic oedemas and lymphoedemas)

Physiotherapy at home, at the request of the doctor.

In addition to the usual material used for physiotherapy, the practice is equipped with a radial shock wave appliance and a functional trainer.

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